When we looked at our heroines – outspoken, pioneering women who changed the world they dressed for comfort. Katharine Hepburn insisted on wearing pyjama slacks to work. Joan Didion reported from the hippie frontline in simple silk dresses like nightgowns. It was never their aim in life to be style icons – they were too busy for that. But by daring to be comfortable, they presented us with a vision of how to dress.

CLOUDS started with an idea – what if we could smuggle the comfort of sleepwear into our daytime wardrobe. Is it possible to feel as contentedly in our own skin outside in the world as we do in bed?

We want comfort without sacrificing style. Comfort doesn’t mean the same thing to all women. But if it means anything, it means perfectly cut clothes in well-made, beautiful fabrics. We aspire to be like Katharine and Joan, to put our personalities on display, not our clothes.

We need practical chic for wherever we happen to be in life – or wherever we happen to be in a single day. Battling impossible deadlines, crisscrossing town for meetings, running (more often than not late) from office to dinner. For all these reasons, we created CLOUDS… free your style and the rest will follow.


CLOUDS was born out of the desire to create beautifully made, thoughtfully designed clothing that endure the ebb and flow of trends. All editions, old and new, Summer and winter are simultaneously available at any given time when in stock.

We do not leave our darlings behind we will bring them back and keep them with us new releases will be made available continuously.

Environmentally sensitive fabrics and practices are utilized whenever possible and we continue to research ways to reduce our impact while maintaining the integrity of our designs. Continuous focus on resources logistics and the durability and quality of our products. We continuously work on building strong relationships with conscious suppliers.